Blacktown Funeral Services

Being departed may be the end of your loved one’s life, but it is also an opportunity for your family to come closer, to love each other more and to protect one other. But ultimately when our beloved finally bids us adieu, no consolation fills the emptiness in our life. The funeral remains the only way through which we can commemorate the final journey of the soul. At Blacktown Funeral Services our dedicated funeral directors help the transition from this life to the next by preparing a gracious funeral .

Once you come to us you will be comforted to know that the funeral of your loved one is arranged exactly as you want.
We will also help to repatriate your loved one to their home country, and we can also arrange interstate repatriation as well .

How we do the Funeral Planning?

• Our dedicated funeral specialist will come to you immediately and organise the necessary documents for the coroner and obtain the medical certificate and permit from a doctor to declare cause of death .
• We will arrange to transport the deceased from the place of death to our funeral home.
•  We will guide you through the funeral arrangements such as religious desires, clergy preference, clothing, interment, music, flowers, coffin or casket, photos, cards, etc.
• We will provide transportation for you and for your relatives if needed.

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